Yaesu WIRES-X now active, local connect 446.1375MHz, DN with DSQ 005. Node 11104, W7DIG-ROOM 21104

HF / 6M
05-06-2018 / 16:14
United States, CAMAS WA 1886.43 km
6m FT8
05-06-2018 / 16:11
Mexico, Tlaquepaque Jalisco 1405.39 km
6m FT8
05-05-2018 / 22:47
United States, BEAVERTON OR 1896.17 km
6m FT8
05-05-2018 / 22:33
United States, Liberty KS 1490.57 km
15m FT8
04-29-2018 / 18:02
Ecuador, QUITO 4859.38 km
15m FT8
04-29-2018 / 17:34
Norway, Ã?lesund 8161.44 km
20m FT8
04-29-2018 / 17:29
Finland, 31410 YLöPIRTTI 8938.66 km
20m FT8
04-29-2018 / 17:13
Poland, 55-200 Olawa 9514.61 km
20m FT8
04-28-2018 / 22:00
Brazil, Osasco / São Paulo CEP 06160-180 9127.49 km
15m FT8
04-28-2018 / 21:43
Argentina, Trevelin - Chubut 9202.87 km
15m FT8
04-28-2018 / 21:41
Brazil, CIANORTE PARANA,CODIGO POSTA 87206-164 8688.39 km
15m FT8
04-28-2018 / 18:54
Denmark, Frederikshavn 8694.57 km
20m FT8
04-28-2018 / 18:11
United States, Adrian MI 2594.88 km
30m FT8
04-28-2018 / 18:03
United States, Portland MI 2565.52 km
30m FT8
04-28-2018 / 17:46
United States, PERKASIE PA 3278.32 km
17m FT8

Thank you for visiting the K2AK (KILO-TWO-ALPHA-KILO) Amateur Radio Website.

Latest Awards: (mouseover)
ARRL 2010, 10-Meter Contest, First Place Section   WAS Triple Play #565

Coronado National Monument view into Mexico

This Website contains information pertaining to the operation of Amateur Radio Station K2AK.

My name is Jeffrey Thomas (Jeff) and I have been an Amateur Radio Operator since June 1976. I was first licensed as a Novice class operator in the state of New Jersey with call sign WA2QZA. At that time CW (morse code) was required to get a ham license.

I upgraded my license to Advanced Class in August of 1976, and was issued the call sign N2AEW which I held until February 1999 when I requested and was issued the vanity call of W2JRT. In March of 2007, I changed vanity call signs to K7WIN. After upgrading to Amateur Extra Class and searching I upgraded to the 1X2 call sign of K2AK which is in 2-Land where I was first licensed.

Sedona Arizona, photo by Jeff Thomas

From November 1983 to January 1985, I operated HL9JT from a mountaintop in Suwon, South Korea and completed over 15000 contacts with stations from around the world.

I have also operated the W2JRT and later K7WIN repeater systems on 449.725 MHz for three years which was discontinued from service in September 2008 to move into the new technology of D-Star. Also during the service of the analog repeater, IRLP, and EchoLink services were provided. These services were also terminated when the repeater was removed from service.Cactus Flower, photo courtesy Jerry Anderson

I am currently active on many different Amateur Satellites and an active member of Amateur Satellite Corporation North America (AMSAT-NA). I am currently active on the following LEO (low earth orbiting) satellites: AO-7, AO-16, AO-27, AO-51, FO-29, GO-32, HO-68, SO-50, and VO-52 as well as communications via the International Space Station. I am looking forward to the upcoming HEO (high elliptical orbiting) satellites.

I am also active on the HF bands. I can be found on phone (SSB), as well as digital modes PSK31, and CW. I enjoy SIX Meter openings whenever we get them. I also can be worked on the growing JT65 weak signal modes. Using JT65 I have contacted via LoTW all states on 7 different bands.

Over the years, I have received many awards and certificates for Amateur Radio operating achievements. Included in my achievements are DXCC, WAS, WAS-OSCAR, WAS-JT65, WAS Triple Play, WAC, VUCC, and many others. I have completed over 4000 satellite contacts in just a couple years.

FT8 DMC Certificate for K2AK

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please send me an email with a description of your request. Comments and suggestions are also welcome.

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